Course Selections for 2022-23

It’s time to choose courses for 2022-23.  Please choose the link below for the grade you’ll be in NEXT YEAR: Links for 2022-23 Course Selections Grade 7/8 – Grade 9 – Grade 10 […]

Course Interest Survey

Greetings; Below is a link to a “Course Interest Survey”.  This is a survey to help us collect information to determine the “best” courses to offer students to choose from. Sometimes students get confused and think that they “picked […]

Just some “quick pics”

Hi!  Here are some pics of some recent activities at our school (Jump Rope For Heart, Earth Day Cleanup, Mother’s Day Tea, “Metis Bev”…

Passion Projects!

Our grade 5/6 students really shone today when they presented their “Passion Projects” to our students.  We are all very proud of the excellent presentations, and the high-energy enthusiasm.  Hopefully we can share “in-person” with […]

Work Ethic’s Honour Roll Trip

Our Secondary students enjoyed a great day on the hill earlier this week.  It was very entertaining to have some students also enjoy some board games, and a very entertaining talent show.  A great day!

Grade 5/6 Class – Skating

I took some quick pics of the grade 5/6 class during their skating session yesterday.  Students had a lot of fun, and also super supportive of their peers.  Way to go HAWKS!

Pink Shirt Day

Many students and staff showed their support for “Pink Shirt Day” – Showing Kindness.

Senior Girls’ Basketball

A big thank you to Ms Brown for coaching our Senior Girls in the “Zones Tournament” last weekend. It was a very busy, but fun tournament.  Our Girls won “Most Sportsmanlike Team” award.  Also, congratulations […]


Our students had a great time at the rink last Thursday.  A big thank you to the many volunteers who helped out!

Metal Roses

Our grade 10-12 students created some Metal Roses today using recyclable materials.  A big thank you to Moneca Conway for coming out to facilitate this fun activity.  Some “quick pics” below…