• Heritage Fair 2017

    Students in Grades 3 to 6 participated at the Heritage Fair on Thursday, April 27th.

  • Science World Visits Hudson’s Hope School

    On Tuesday February 28th Science World came and visited Hudson’s Hope School all the way from Vancouver. They demonstrated in an appealing as well as an eye catching manner to teach and show how forces work.

  • Student vs Staff Volleyball

    Monday, students got the chance to play a volleyball game against the teachers.

    Students from the school were invited to watch the game. They got to see everyone warm up before playing.

  • CO2 Car Craziness!

    Yesterday, high school students got the chance to help elementary kids race their wooden C02 cars. The elementary students made the cars with the help of their big buddies in the Shop class. While the big buddies did most of the work with the power tools,

  • Natural Horsemanship Field Trip

    Yesterday, students from Hudson’s Hope School got a chance to go to the Glenn Stewart’s horse ranch in Baldonnel. Here, the students got a tour of Glenn’s arena and got to meet some of the horses.

  • Bold Eagle Presentation

    The Bold Eagle program is an opportunity for kids of Aboriginal descent to enroll in a six week camp in Wainwright Alberta to give teens a chance to see what it would be like to be in the military.

  • Science Fair

    Grade 3 student: That was such an awesome day!! (To his friends)  Didn’t you have an awesome day??
    A big thank you to the students, parents, and teachers who worked hard to complete this years’ science fair projects!  And thank you to all the judges who took the time to come and talk to our students about their work.