Intramural Games: Our local R.C.M.P. officers as well as Senior Students and parents work collaboratively with school staff-members to provide intramural games to grades K-7 students during lunch hours. Games include skittles, dodge-ball, floor-hockey, and challenge games.

Peer-Helpers: Each year 4-8 upper-intermediate students volunteer to be trained as “Peer Helpers”. These students are provided with extra training with conflict resolution and team building. Our Peer Helpers help supervise during recess/lunch breaks, and assist younger students with solving challenges using messages.

H-Notes: Students can earn Hawk (H) Notes for their class by contributing to keeping our community clean and treating others with respect. Classes are provided with a cumulative celebration for earning enough H-notes. Celebrations usually involve an afternoon of swimming and bowling, or movie and treat party.

Student of the Week: This is a school wide program to recognize students modeling true H.A.W.K.S. behaviour. Students receive a certificate of recognition, and also have a choice of a reward.

Work Ethics Honor Roll: This program provides an opportunity for students to be rewarded for strong work habits and punctuality. Students who demonstrate strong work habits and a positive attitude (each reporting period) are provided with a team-building day, which historically has consisted of trips for bowling and swimming, Skiing/snowboarding, golfing, paint-balling. Students who earn work ethics for all reporting periods receive the Principal’s Work Ethic Honor Roll award, and go on a special 3-4 day team building trip in June. Traditionally this trip has been to Liard Hot Springs, Peace River Camping Trisp, and Barkerville. Activities have included hikes, swimming, gold-panning, river-rafting, and much more.

Sports: Traditionally, Hudson’s Hope School has been involved in League Volleyball, Basketball, Slow-pitch, Long Distance Running, High School Rodeo, Curling, Badminton, and Track and Field.

Cruisin Days: This is a program to designed to provide positive social opportunities for all students. Students can sign-up to go on a Cruisin Day which usually involves a trip out of town to watch a hockey game, bowl, golf, play paintball, or go skiing/snowboarding. On average, students have the opportunity for one Cruisin day per month, although there are usually more during the long winter months. Cruisin Days is funded by donations from our Parent Advisory Council, as well as the District of Hudson’s Hope, and the Hudson’s Hope Lion’s Club.

Outdoor Study Area: Alyssa Huxley, one of our past graduates spear-heading a project to create an outdoor study area for secondary students. This area was designed to provide a comfortable space for teachers to take classes for lessons, as well as a space for students to study and socialize. The project was designed with community action in mind, relying on students, staff, and community members to support the construction of the project, as well as the maintenance once completed. It was also built in memory of Dale Stark, an Educational Assistant, parent, and community member who passed away suddenly in 2006. In 2011-2012, Mrs. Beam and a number of grade 11 students upgraded the garden with a fish pond, bedding garden and much more.

Link-Crew: This is a leadership program that encourages Senior students to mentor and support the new grade 8 students entering high school. Four to six grade 11 and 12 students complete applications and training to become Link Crew Leaders. These leaders work with a small group of grade 7’s and provide support throughout the year.

Secondary Courses: H.H.E.S.S. provides a wide variety of courses for a small population (approximately 70) of grade 8-12 students. Students are able to take all the core courses leading to graduation (including English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Math 12). Some Electives include: Shop, Small Engines, Construction, Foods, Cafeteria, Drafting, Fine Arts, Yearbook, Leadership, Earth Science, Accounting, Geography, and Creative Writing. Students are also able to take a wide variety of courses through distance-ed.