Digital Citizenship

Technology and Citizenship at Hudson’s Hope School

All students & parents are required to sign off on the technology user agreement at the beginning of every school year, as well as participate in the presentation link:


General Usage of School Technology

Our Code of Conduct, developed by students and staff of HHESS, includes the following:

  • Ask permission, be supervised.
  • Clean hands.
  • Food & Drink Free Zone.
  • Ask before printing.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Use programs and internet responsibly – FOR LEARNING.
  • Use inside voice


In order to use S.D. 60 technology and networks, each student at HHESS will  agree to:

•  Adhere to the Code of Conduct.

•  Use email for educational purposes only.

•  Refrain from using chat/messaging unless directly instructed to.

•  Only download files with permission (for educational purposes).

•   Respect myself and others when online.

•  Keep my personal information (including login) private.

•  Use devices with permission, and at appropriate times.