A snowy Friday

No concerns with our little ones when the white stuff starts falling! Students were fully engaged constructing, throwing, rolling, and racing through the snow throughout the day! Way to go HAWKS!

The Grade Fours had a great day out at Cameron Lake!

Our Wonderful BC Ambulance Volunteers provided some very fun hand washing demonstrations!

Check out the amazing art work some of Mrs. Baytaluke’s students have created!

Mrs. Bach’s students are enjoying some “hands-on” place value…

Working on Textiles:

Canteen opening Monday Sept. 21st

Our Canteen will open next week (Monday, September 21st).  The following items are offered daily:
Hot Items: Personal Pizza (Plain Cheese or Pepperoni)  $3.00Grilled Cheese $3.00
Specials (Hot) – Only on Tuesdays and Fridays.$5.00 October specials are Chilli & Cornbread on Tuesdays, Chicken Quesadillas & Veggies on Fridays
Other: Baked items $.50Cookies (max 2 per child), on Mondays (variety) & Thursday (Chocolate Chip)
Beverages: Elementary – Bottle Water or Juice Box  $1.00 Secondary – Bottled Juices $2.00
Please note a change in our procedures:  Each morning elementary students will be asked if they are purchasing any “Hot Item or Specials”.  Each morning, secondary students will jot down any hot items they would like on a sheet posted beside the canteen.
We will stagger times for elementary cohorts to get their orders from the canteen (students ordering non-hot items can go with their cohort).  Students will wash their hands after they receive their orders (before they begin eating).
Thank you Ms Dee and Ms Rhymer for your help getting our canteen started for our students!

Office Hours Change – Aug 31

Please be advised that the school office will not be open for registrations/appointments tomorrow (August 31) as we have a Joint Health Safety Committee Meeting tomorrow afternoon (Mrs. Stacey – our secretary, is a committee member).  
Thank you,

Derrek Beam

Office Hours & K-12 Restart Parent Letter

The school office will be open for registrations on Monday, August 31st from noon to 3:00pm, closed Tuesday, Sept 1st, open on Wednesday, Sept 2nd, Thursday Sept 3, and Friday Sept 4th from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Please call the school to book an appointment to register, or check out the School District page to check for online registration (link is on the left side of the page).

The first day of school for Grades 1-12 is Thursday, September 10th. School begins at 8:55 am. Students will be dismissed at 10:55 am.  

The Kindergarten start up schedule has been changed and is as follows: Friday September 18th – Thursday September 24th “half-days” (8:55-11:45). September 28th onward – “Full Days”.

All Parents: If you have not received/read the “Parent Letter – K-12 Restart” sent out by Mr. Petrucci on August 20th, it is available here. Please be sure to read the Ministry’s “K-12 Restart Plan and Public Health Guidance” link (this is provided within the Parent Letter). This will provide much of the “base information” for our school’s restart.

Any parents that have not been receiving my email messages (I sent out an email yesterday to all parents on our school list-serve), please send me an email to let me know. dbeam@prn.bc.ca

More specific information in regards to what the K-12 Restart will look like for HHESS will be shared out by this Friday evening.

Kind Regards,

Derrek Beam, Principal, Hudson’s Hope Elementary – Secondary School

HHESS Award Plaque Recipients

Congratulations to the following students for earning the awards posted below. Thank you for your fine citizenship, work ethic, and for being Helpful, Appreciative, Willing, Kind, & Supportive:

Elementary Awards:

Citizen of the Year- Hadley Gilliss
Fine Arts Student of the Year- Josiah Hart
Male Athlete of the Year- Oro Weder
Female Athlete of the Year – Sheigh Siemens
Scholar of the Year – Maddie Beebe and Keegan Lepine
Student of the Year- Maddie Beebe
Principal’s Award- Mike Gortman

Secondary Awards

  • Junior Scholar of the Year – Nero Weder
  • Senior Scholar of the Year – Dylan Beswick
  • Fine Arts Student of the Year – Brenna Rice
  • Citizen of the Year – Brenna Rice
  • Female Athlete of the Year – Wren Naisby
  • Male Athlete of the Year – Pasco Weder
  • Technical Arts Student of the Year – Taylor Rowe
  • Principal’s Award – Dimitriy Gortman

Continuity of Learning

Greeting Parents;
This morning our staff and I met to start planning continuation of learning for Hudson’s Hope Students.  Teachers will be connecting with you in the next day or two to touch base, and also collect some survey information to help us with planning (such as do you have technology at home, reliable internet service, etc.).
Some of you will receive multiple calls if you have more than one child in school.
The plan is to be able to start providing some educational pieces by Monday, April 6th.  I will be providing some general activities that families can choose from as well.
We are really looking forward to getting connected with our community again…even if it “looks different”.

PS – This message was sent via email to all parents/guardians. Email is the primary method of communication that I use for school announcements. If you did not receive the email, please contact me dbeam@prn.bc.ca so I can make sure my contact list is up to date. Thank you!