First Aid Course Reminder

Just a reminder for the folks who registered for the first aid course.  It takes place tomorrow (Saturday, June 16th) from 8:00am-4:00pm at the school.  I believe it will be in Mr. Donahue’s classroom, but that may change.

Sports Day Tomorrow!

Sports Day Tomorrow!
We have some fun team relay activities planned for the afternoon after our sports Day events.  Please see the team colour list attached, and we are asking each student to try to wear a t-shirt with that colour.
Example: if your child is on the green team…wear a green t-shirt.
A Hotdogs or a Hamburger and a juice box will be provided for lunch
(donated by PAC and Emergency Services)
Please make sure your child wears sunblock, a hat, and brings a refillable water bottle!
If your child signed up for swimming for the last hour of the day, make sure he/she brings a swimsuit and towel.
All roller blade, scooters and skateboarders must bring a helmet for tomorrow as the skateboards will be shared.
Thank you!
It should be a fun day!
Karen Kehl
​** Also, if you know your child will be away tomorrow, please let us know at your earliest convenience (it helps us adjust teams for the games we have organized) **​

Canteen – Menu Changes

We will be winding down the canteen for the school year a bit.  Today will be the last day for “Specials”.  We will still have pizza and grilled cheese available.
Thank you.