• December Canteen Menu and Specials

    Here is the Canteen Menu and Specials for December
    Pizza and Grilled Cheese – $3
    Milk, Juice, Vitamin Water- $2
    Tuesday Special: Taco in a Bag – $4
    Thursday Special: Cheese Quesadillas -$4
    Cheese scones, apple cake –

  • Transportation Update – 11:35am

    Dear Parents:
    Due to freezing rain conditions Transportation, in consultation with YRB road services and Board Office staff, has made the call to run buses early today at 1pm. 
    Your Bus Student will not be sent home until a parent has been contacted and safe arrangements have been made.  Any students of parents we are not able to reach will remain at the school until arrangements for safe pick up has been made.

  • Road is open!

    Well that didn’t take long!  I’m told the road has been cleared.  Buses will run as normal.

  • Road Blockage – Possible Bus Route Adjustment

    Hi Folks;

    As you may have heard, the road is blocked on the hill between the Post Office and the YRB turnoff.  The perfect spot to block traffic going or coming from FSJ.  It appears that the road may still be blocked after school.

  • Science Fair Reminder

    Our Science Fair is taking place today.  Below is a schedule:
    9:30 – 10:00 – Practise.
    10:00 -Lunch – Judging.
    12:25 – 1:00 – Grade 5/6’s view grade 3/4’s projects.
    1:00 – 1:30 – Grade 3/4’s view grade 5/6’s projects.