• Grad Ceremonies – Delayed Start

    Just letting folks know that due to our Livestream company having a mechanical/technical issue, our Grad Ceremony will likely be delayed by at least 30 minutes.  I will try to send an update out with the new time for the “public”

  • H-Note Summer Fun Day!

    Yesterday our elementary students enjoyed their H-Note “Reward” Day.  What a magical day full of squeals and cheers of delight.  A big thank you to Ms Smith for working so hard to organize such a fun time. 

  • Buses are behind

    June 23rd/2023


    Just letting folks know that due to our Secondary Year End Celebration going into overtime, combined with a slight bus malfunction, our buses are just leaving the school now (3:20).

  • Some Skateboarding Magic!

    A big thank you to Cole Andrews and his crew for giving our grade 5/6/9 students the opportunity to learn some introductory skateboarding skills today!  Our students had a fantastic time at the arena.  Thank you to Cambrian energy for sponsoring this event,

  • Indigenous Day at HHESS

    Our school ran some fantastic stations and activities this afternoon to celebrate Indigenous Learning!  A big thank you to Katie Norton, Ms Mee’s students, Pat Jansen, Diane Barclay, Gus Gendron, Linda van Wieringen, Jolene van Wieringen,

  • Passion Projects!

    Our students showed off their passions yesterday in fine fashion!  It was very enjoyable to see the different areas of student interest, as well as the enthusiastic presentations.  A big thank you to our staff and students for working so hard to put together a great event. 

  • Track Meet Celebrations!

    Congratulations to our energetic and dedicated Track Competitors, who recently competed in the School District #60 Track Meet in Fort St John.  The following students from Hudson’s Hope School competed:
    Sasha Shokur, Lincoln Cryderman, Kyla McLane,