• The Halls are Alive…with the sound of Music!

    Harmonica music, to be specific.
    Yesterday, Steve Slade brought his musical expertise to our school.  Our students had the opportunity to learn to play the harmonica with Steve.  Judging from the sound of harmonicas ringing through the halls after school,

  • Donations Requested

    Every year, Ms. Ackroyd organizes the baking of cookies for the Friends of Hudson’s Hope Christmas hampers.  If you would like to make donations of flour, sugar, or chocolate, please contact the office.

  • Philippine Disaster Relief Fundraiser – a tremendous success!

    Congratulations to the students, staff and community around Hudson’s Hope School – together we raised over $1000 for relief efforts for the Philippines.
    This is another great example of how our school is creating students who are best for the world.

  • Le Café Dinosaur

    Grade 6 and 7 students at Hudson’s Hope School recently completed a French unit on food, and celebrated by having an in class luncheon.  They planned and prepared a menu, took orders, and made lunch for their classmates,

  • Metis Dancers

    On November 18, our school hosted a special guest who shared about her Métis culture with our students.  She blended storytelling with dance to teach our students about the Métis people.
    Some facts about the Métis people:
    The Métis people had a distinct way of life that incorporated aspects of both French-Canadian and Native cultures.

  • Benefits of a K – 12 school

    One of the best things about our school is that we are able to host students throughout the entire span of their school careers.  There are quite a few benefits of K – 12 schools;

  • We remember

    Our school held its school Remembrance Day ceremony on Thursday, November 7th.
    We had great participation from our students.  Special thanks goes out to all the Junior Rangers and Cadets who came in uniform,