Natural Horsemanship Field Trip

Yesterday, students from Hudson’s Hope School got a chance to go to the Glenn Stewart’s horse ranch in Baldonnel. Here, the students got a tour of Glenn’s arena and got to meet some of the horses.


Glenn gave the students a demonstration on how he works with his horses. He showed the students all of the stage one groundwork, which is all about developing a connection with your horse before you get in the saddle.  It’s about making sure your horse trusts you before you ride it.

Glenn showed the students several other things. They got to see him jump over barrels, he showed them how to side pass while in the saddle, and circled his horses parallel to each other. He did a lot of things that were fun to see like getting his horse to run to him from the other end of the arena.
At the end of the trip the students got to have a group picture with Glenn. 3 of the students from last semester’s Natural Horsemanship class who completed their stage one videos and passed got to have their own picture with Glenn.  This is an amazing accomplishment!  Congratulations to  Alex, Brooklyn, and Jared for completing your stage one natural horsemanship. by Jared