Science Fair Success!

Our School Science Fair was once again a fantastic event.  It is truly amazing to watch our grade three to six students share their projects with their peers, parents, and judges.  I greatly enjoy observing how each child’s confidence grows as they present to different audiences.  A big thank you to our teachers and support staff for their guidance, and of course to parents for supporting your child(ren).  We had a great turnout of parents, relatives, and community members to our Fair! Also a big thank you to our many volunteer judges: 

Mattias Gibbs, Levi Verlaan, Nigel Tilsen, Laurie Petrucci, Lorenne Hamre, Guy Armitage, Bill Lindsay, Wally Harwood, Tashana Winnicky, James Paulgaard, Erich Schmidt,Tim Hart,  Dave Sloan, Deborah Peck, Ross Peck, and Grace Okada

Congratulations to the following students who will be representing our school at the Regional Science Fair this Spring:  Hadley Gilliss, Sheigh Siemens, Andrew Quibell, Kaden McAndrews, Madison Beebe, Stella Matchett, Halle Beebe (gr 3), Damian Aldridge, Ayden Quibell, Penelope Mercereau, Addison Carruthers