School-Wide Terry Fox Run

Greetings Everyone:

This message is an invitation to parents and family members to come and join us for our School Wide Terry Fox Run (or walk) on Friday, September 14th, starting at about 12:30.

Info:  Here Terry_Fox_Run_2018 is a map of our route.

A few items of note:

  •  The yellow highlighted route is the “regular” route for the majority of students.
  •  Miss Blake’s kindergarteners will take a short-cut at Kyllo street (the street the grocery store is on).  Her grade 1 students will join Mrs. Bach’s class.
  •  The blue highlighted route is a longer route that any grade 5+ students can take, but they mustrunthe route (or it will take too long).
  •  Any grade 11 & 12’s who are notrunningthe route will help support Miss Blake’s students.
  •  Any grade 7-10 students who are notrunningthe route will help support Mrs. Bach’s class.

Teachers:  At the beginning of the day, please share this map and information with your students so they know what to expect (and their roles/responsibilities) ahead of time.  “A” block secondary teachers: Please survey your classes and provide a list of students who are NOT doing the “long route”, so I can help get them buddied up with elementary classes.

After lunch, take attendance, then we will announce a request for all classes to meet at the front of the school. Once assembled, we will divide up groups into “long route” (grade 5+) runners and everyone else.  Secondary students can then join the elementary class they are supporting.  Please take pictures 🙂

Safety – There will be staff-members along the entire route with cell phones/radios.  RCMP have been requested to provide some traffic control (they may or may not be available).  Remind students to stay to the sides of the road.

Upon returning to the school, all students go the elementary playground and play.  Once it appears everyone is back, students will line up in their fire drill areas by homeroom for attendance.  There will be healthy snacks provided out on the picnic tables.  Students can play on the playground until 1:40, then return to afternoon classes.   During this time students can also “duct tape the principal”.

**Please note that this is a rain or shine activity.  Participants will need to be dressed appropriately** 

A big thank you to the folks who are volunteering to join us.

Note:  Short Route= about 2.5km, Long Route= about 4km.

Thanks Everyone!  Looking forward to celebrating an amazing Canadian Hero!


Derrek Beam
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