Running Club

Running Club

The Hudson’s Hope School Running Club is an extracurricular club that

Elementary and Secondary students can join. (Secondary students are

always encouraged to join, as they are wonderful role models for the younger

students). It runs every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from

8:25am-8:55am in the School Gym. Students must bring a water bottle,

permission form, and indoor shoes to participate in the club. The Club starts

in January and runs until Spring Break. Bus students can arrive to school

on the bus, and go straight to the gym to warm up, and run a few laps too.

Parents are always welcome to participate, but it is not required.

Each student keeps track of every lap that he/she runs in the gym. The laps

are tallied and the total number of laps will be presented in a certificate at

the end of the school year. Come on out and have some fun while exercising!

Running Club Permission Form 2014