Regional Heritage Fair

We had a record turnout of parents, relatives, and community members to our Regional Heritage Fair yesterday.  Folks were able to see what true learning looks like.  Our students chose topics that interested them, researched, collected data, edited, published, and then practised – practised – practised.  The presentations were truly outstanding.  Project Based Learning provides excellent opportunities for learners to “dig deep” into their area of interest.  The best part is, our students had fun!  To quote a couple of our judges:

“… the quality of the displays was remarkable this year.  The confidence and enthusiasm of the students was impressive and heart warming.  Both of us learned a lot and came away impressed with the students, teachers, and school environment”. – Ross & Deborah Peck.

A big thank you to Mrs. Reschke and Mrs. Winnicky for working so hard to make this Fair a big success.  Also, thank you to Elinor Morrissey and the Hudson’s Hope Museum for your wonderful organization and support.  As always, it takes dedicated volunteers to drive these type of events.  We are so appreciative of all of the volunteer judges:  Ross and Deborah Peck, Karen McKean, Theresa Dantuma, Bill Lindsay. Amanda Brown, Alison Hildebrant, Guy Armitage, Aislinn Gentles, Lynda Luchinski. Recorders: Stacey Reschke, Jacqueline  Burkitt. Thank you to Ms Dee and our cafeteria students for catering a lovely lunch!