Let’s Sing!

Mrs. Quebec is organizing a choir for students in kindergarten to grade 7.  See below for the letter she wrote.  I hope that a lot of our students will want to join in!  Sounds like fun.


Oct.16, 2013


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Hello. My name is Sybil Quebec and I am organizing a Youth Choir, for Boys and Girls in Grades K-7. My plan is to perform for various community functions (such as the Christmas Supper at the Community Hall on Dec. 14 and the Lion’s Club supper (not sure of the date) but before Christmas. We will be practicing on Tuesday’s, at the school from 3:15 to 4:15 pm. Practices will start next week, Oct.22/13 and we will meet outside of the Strong Start room. The choir will be learning 2-3 songs for the above functions. I will keep you all informed of our exact location and any changes that may come about!

There is no cost, I just want to see lots of awesome kids show up and be willing to practice once a week until our first performance! I have a practice CD ready for each family represented and word sheets so your child/ children can also practice at home!

I am very happy and excited to do this for our community and I am hoping there will be many children in this choir!

You can call me at home (783-9997) or email me at: dsquebec@pris.ca if you have any questions.

With thanks,

Sybil Quebec