Jam Can Curling!

Wow, what a fantastic day of curling our students enjoyed!  All of our students showed excellent sportsmanship and enthusiasm throughout the day.  Thank you to Artha Stuber for providing a canteen for the day, as well as donating some yummy food items.  Jam Can continues to be a wonderful example of what a giving and caring little community we have.  Without the help and expertise of so many volunteers, our students would never get to experience such a fun and rewarding event.

Thank you to Ross Peck, Deborah Peck, Mary Breton, Corey Baxter, Sarah Blake, Lorna Winnicky, Travis Winnicky, Alan Cartwright, Mercedes Moffat, Bill Lindsay, Cassie Stark (and Bruce Stark for cuteness), Grace Okada, and Shawn Shepherd.  Thank you to the Lion’s Club for supporting this event for many, many years.

Also a special thank you to Steve Metzger, who has organized Jam Can Curling for our school since 2005.  Your passion for the game, and obvious joy when you see students curl is wonderful.  Thank you so much for being such a great leader!