Grade 12 Scholarship Information

With the retirement of Ms. Ackroyd, Ms. Bruce has taken responsibility for overseeing scholarships.

Ms. Bruce has a binder full of scholarships for Gr. 12 students to look at.  As well, most of them are posted in a special website she has created so that the Grade 12s can access the information from anywhere.

The site can be found here.  Each entry gives the name of the scholarship, and the application deadline.  You can also use tags to find upcoming scholarships.  (For example, on the right hand side of your page you will see some tags; click “February” to see all scholarships deadlines in February.)

You will need to login to see the awards.  Each grade 12 already has an account set up for them.

User name: Firstname

Password: Lastname

Please feel free to contact Ms. Bruce if you have any questions about scholarships.