Code of Conduct – Day 1

How to teach appropriate behaviour to the students is something that all schools have to consider.  Some schools take a reactive approach, dealing with inappropriate behaviour after the fact: “Hey, no running in the hallways! You just earned yourself a detention, mister!”

The problem with reactive approaches to discipline is that they only teach what is “bad” behaviour, and don’t teach students what appropriate behaviour looks like.

That’s why, at Hudson’s Hope School, we prefer to take a proactive approach to student behaviour — we teach students what appropriate behaviour looks like, and provide them with older student mentors to demonstrate that behaviour.

One of the ways we do this is through our Code of Conduct Days, days where older students plan, teach, and demonstrate the behaviours we want our all our students to follow.

Here are some pictures from our most recent Code of Conduct day, held on Thursday, September 26th.  A big thanks goes out to our Grade 6, 7, and 10 classes, as well as Ms. Ackroyd, for the hard work that went into planning and carrying out this day!


photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3