Canteen Update

Greetings Parents;
I’m a bit slow getting this news out to you, but here it is.  Our grade 5/6 students are operating the canteen this year.  We have a new menu to offer.
Every day the small pizzas that we’ve always offered will be available. As well, grill cheese sandwiches are also available.  These items are $3.00 each.  Punchcards for these items with 10 “punches” (for $30.00) will be available for purchase next Monday.
The class will also be trying to provide a “special” every Tuesday for $4.00 (today it is Taco in a Bag), my apologies for the late notice. Please note that because we are not “pre-ordering” it is possible that the canteen will run out of the special.  The “regular” items (pizza/grill cheese) will still be available as back-up.
There will also be various beverages, snacks.  I’ve attached a picture of the current menu and some of our students who were serving yesterday.