Canteen opening Monday Sept. 21st

Our Canteen will open next week (Monday, September 21st).  The following items are offered daily:
Hot Items: Personal Pizza (Plain Cheese or Pepperoni)  $3.00Grilled Cheese $3.00
Specials (Hot) – Only on Tuesdays and Fridays.$5.00 October specials are Chilli & Cornbread on Tuesdays, Chicken Quesadillas & Veggies on Fridays
Other: Baked items $.50Cookies (max 2 per child), on Mondays (variety) & Thursday (Chocolate Chip)
Beverages: Elementary – Bottle Water or Juice Box  $1.00 Secondary – Bottled Juices $2.00
Please note a change in our procedures:  Each morning elementary students will be asked if they are purchasing any “Hot Item or Specials”.  Each morning, secondary students will jot down any hot items they would like on a sheet posted beside the canteen.
We will stagger times for elementary cohorts to get their orders from the canteen (students ordering non-hot items can go with their cohort).  Students will wash their hands after they receive their orders (before they begin eating).
Thank you Ms Dee and Ms Rhymer for your help getting our canteen started for our students!