Awards-Grad Update

Greetings Parents;

First of all, thank you for your patience. It has been very challenging to find answers to questions surrounding ceremonies, report cards, etc. Here’s the good news:

1. The back parking lot/gymnasium area will NOT be picketed onGrad day.
2. Grad will proceed as “normal” in the school gymnasium. However until 3:30, folks only use the rear parking lot entrance of school.
3. You can begin setting up the gym and/or decorating whenever you like. Teachers/Support Staff are picketing from 9:30-11:30 and from 1:30-3:30. I figure if we get lucky and school returns to normal, classes can go without the gym for a few days given the circumstances.

I will do my best to get the tarp down, chairs, stage, & sound system set up (tarp will be a bit tricky…).

Grad Rehearsal will take place as usual on Thursday, June 26th at 7:00pm. See you there 🙂

​Elementary Awards Ceremony:

• This will take place on Tuesday, June 24th from 7:00pm-7:45pm. Parents bring students and proceed directly to the gym. I’ll have an area set-up and marked for classes to sit. However, students are welcome to just sit with their parents if preferred. If you cannot attend, you can send your child, but keep in mind that teaching staff will not be present. I’m going through the process of gatheringawards and such that have been signed by teachers before the strike occurred. This ceremony will look a bit different than normal, but the main thing is that we can celebrate the accomplishments of our students.

Secondary Awards Ceremony:
• This will take place on Wednesday, June 25th at 7:00pm (as “normal). Again, I’ll present awards myself.

The Bad News: The local teacher-union rep has informed me that teachers have been clearly directed by their union that they are not allowed to attend awards ceremonies and/or Grad ceremonies unless they have an immediate family member involved. I won’t go into my thoughts surrounding this decision; but I’m sure you can imagine that our teachers are going to greatly miss the opportunity to celebrate the success of our students, and to wish our Grads the best future.

Provincial Exams:

• Exams will proceed as normal. I get to administer them 😉

FinalReport Cards:

• We still have not received clear definitions of what these will look like. I CAN tell you that grade 12’s will receive final grades for all subject areas.

Grade 7-12 Course Selections:

• At this point it looks like for 2014-2015 we will run a Kindergarten to Grade 6 elementary wing, and a grade 7-12 secondary wing.

• I will be contacting secondary students by phone to discuss course selections. I’ll also post a copy of our timetable and calendar to our website later this week.

The other news:

• This could all change tomorrow…

​If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call. I’ll do my best to answer.​

Kind Regards,