2017-2018 Registration Hours:


A bit of information as we prepare for the upcoming school year.  The school will be open for registration purposes from Tuesday, August 29th- Friday, September 1st. Office hours during this time will be from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

The first day of classes for all students including Kindergarten is Tuesday, September 5th.  September 5th is a half-day, running from 8:55am – 11:00am.  Buses will be running at 11:00am to return bus students.  Full day classes will  begin the following day (September 6th) for all students except for Kindergarten.

The kindergarten schedule for HHESS is:
Tuesday September 5th: 8:55am-11:00am
Wednesday September 6th: 8:55am-11:45am (parents pick up from classroom) *students bring water and a morning snack
Thursday September 7th: 8:55am-11:45am (parents pick up from classroom)*students bring water and a morning snack
Friday September 8th: no school for kindergarten.
Monday September 11 and Tuesday September 12 (1/2 day mornings again).
Wednesday September 13: Full Days begin.

Please call the school is you have any questions: 250-783-9994

If you really need information, and cannot reach me through the school phone number, please leave an email dbeam@prn.bc.ca, or if necessary my cell # is 250-783-3044

I will be sending home a newsletter next week with updates & announcements.