Terry Fox Run!

We had fantastic weather for our Terry Fox Run today. We all enjoyed walking, jogging, running, and/or getting duct-taped to walls. A big thank you to Quinn for volunteering and encouraging students to raise awareness for Terry Fox, and to the Naisby’s for providing some Terry Fox T-shirts. We had a lot of students volunteer to help with this event.

Also, thank you to our RCMP members for monitoring the route. Way to go HAWKS!

2019-2020 School Start Up

Greetings Parents! The school office will be open on August 28th & 29th from 9:00 AM – 3:00AM for new registrations.

Supplies:  We provide all school supplies for grades Kindergarten to Grade 6 (school fees will be due in the Fall).  The only items students need to bring to school include a clean pair of “inside shoes”, a spare set of clothes for Kindergarten students (to stay at the school in case of emergency), and personal items (lunch box, pencil case).  Certain classes will also need “gym-strip”, (classroom teachers will send info home).  All glue, paper, binders, scissors, duotangs, etc. are provided.

Grade 7-12 students should supply at least one binder with dividers for their subjects, as well as paper, pens/pencils, a “regular” calculator, personal items, gym strip, appropriate footwear for activities.  Depending on their grade level, students may need a scientific calculator (students can check with their teachers).

School Starts on Tuesday, September 3rd from 9:00am – 11:00am.  Buses will be running.

Kindergarten schedule:  September 3rd from 9:00-11:00, September 4th & 5th, 9:00-11:45, Sept 6th No School for Kindergarten, Sept 9th & 10th 9:00-11:45.  September 11th onwards – Full Days (9:00-3:00).

Registrations:  If you have a child or children that will be attending HHESS, and have not yet registered, please let us know as soon as possible.

The easiest way to contact the school if you are not able to reach us during office hours is via email:  dbeam@prn.bc.ca

Looking forward to a fantastic school year!

Equine Studies Fun

Our Equine Studies class have been inviting younger students to join them at the arena. The E.S. students demonstrated some of the skills they have learned (haltering, saddling, bushing, cleaning hooves, circling, etc.). After some demonstrations, the younger students had an opportunity to give it a try themselves. Below are some pictures of the grade 3/4 classes visit.

Indigenous Day Celebration

On June 10th, our students enjoyed a great afternoon of fun and education. Students were able to participate in a variety of activities and presentations, learning about Indigenous drumming, beading, Inuit Games, Metis and Haida culture, and much more. Thank you Mrs. Paice, and to the many volunteers who provided supplies (including a teepee), and most importantly for volunteering your time and expertise!

Hudson’s Hope School Choral Music

Our first choral music class has been a wonderful success.  They (accompanied by some supportive community members) provided a wonderful evening performance for parents and our community on the evening of June 10th.  It was very enjoyable listening to our students perform in front of an audience.  The class followed up with a performance to the entire elementary wing of the school (and many secondary students joined to listen as well).  Way to go HAWKS!

Track Meet Celebrations!

Congratulations to our elementary students who participated in the School District Track Meet on June 7th.  The following students represented our school:

Tristan Beam, Austin Lepine, Stella Matchett, Abigail Redekop, Luna Weder, Broc Fortin, Addison Carruthers, James Gortman, Xander Hills, Tereza Schenk, Madison Beebe, Hadley Gilliss, Mike Gortman, Sheigh Siemens, Oro Weder, Brynn Beswick, Sam Hills, Billie Naisby, Vina Novin, James Redekop, Cole Schafer, Kayla Stuber, and Logan Koehn King.  All of our students competed very hard, with some amazing results.  In fact, Hudson’s Hope School won the “Tony Atkins Most Improved School Trophy”!  Below are a few highlights and top 20 finishers.  Keep in mind that the students competing in the track meet are the top competitors of each grade level from every elementary school:

Luna Weder: 1st in 800m (with a 10 second lead), 1st in long jump, 2nd in 100m.

Sheigh Siemens: 2nd in 1500m, 4th in ball throw.

Stella Matchett: 2nd high jump, 7th in 800m.

Oro Weder: 3rd in 200m, 4th 800m, 9th long jump

Abby Redekop: 4th in ball throw, 7th in 60m dash

James Redekop: 2nd in high jump, 5th long jump, 8th ball throw

James Gortman: 5th long jump

Hadley Gilliss: 5th 200m, Hadley 15th long jump

Mike Gortman: 5th 60m dash,Mike 5th 400m, 14th long jump

Kayla Stuber:  6th ball throw

Tristan Beam: 7th in 60m dash

Vina Novin: 8th long jump, 17th ball throw

Tereza Schenk: 20th long jump

A huge thank you to Ms. Baytaluke & Mrs. Scott, Erika Weder, Roxanne Beebe, Jason Naisby, Serena Matchett, Trevor Beswick, and Renee Redekop for helping support our students during the Track Meet.  Way to go HAWKS!

Work Ethics Honour Roll

Our Principal’s Work Ethic’s Honour Roll students had a very enjoyable trip to Grande Prairie.  We checked out (and stayed at) the College Dorms, expended a lot of energy at the Jump Yard, splashed around the East Link Center, and practised our laser skills at Laser Tag.  Oh, and we shopped…and shopped…sigh.  It was a great way to celebrate another awesome year.  Way to go HAWKS!