Amazing Bridge Builders!

Students from Hudson’s Hope School once again did extremely well at the EGBC Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition.  A big thank you to Mrs. Baytaluke for all of her hard work helping our students with their engineering skills, and also for looking after all the organization that had to be done to register/bring all the bridges to the competition.

Many of our students placed in the top 5 in their categories.  Here is a quick results list (first name only):

Junior category:
2nd Brynn
3rd Keaton
5th David

1st Sydne
2nd Megan
3rd Katie
4th Davida
5th Leneya

1st Dylan
2nd  Henry
3rd Manraj
4th Brenna
The machine couldn’t break Dylan’s or Henry’s bridges!  They tested them twice and then went by weight of the bridge to declare Dylan first. They both held over 600 engineering units.
Way to go HAWKS!